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GROUWSTRA IC & Software Patent (ICSW Patent) is a Silicon Valley patent agency with direct design experience, solely focused on obtaining patents in the US and abroad, for your integrated circuit and software innovations. Our customers are semiconductor companies, design IP companies, software companies, universities and research institutes. We also work for several medical device companies.

Most practitioners are challenged by the complexity of IC design, let alone an analog, mixed-signal, or RF circuit. ICSW Patent loves it!

This Patent Stuff and My Semiconductor Business

Since May 2020, we have been publishing a series of articles about patents and IC business. We realized that not a lot has been written about it, and chip companies have a great need for business information that allows them to protect their intellectual property and to make the process to apply for patents smooth and meaningful, without wasting valuable resources. Posts publish every three weeks. Each article appears both on LinkedIn on this website. If you wish, you can subscribe for alerts. Click here for the web page dedicated to the series or here to sign up for email alerts when a new article is available.

Getting Started On A First Patent Application

If you have not applied for a patent before, you probably have a lot of questions what to expect. You should, especially if you hold the wallet! Call us and talk, or set up an appointment. Leave a message if you have to.

To provide initial documentation of an invention, visit our resources page and download the Invention Disclosure and Patent Proposal Form. Recommendation: don't spend more than 30 minutes on describing the invention. If you need to provide some drawings, feel free to draw them on paper and snap them with your phone.

Intellectual Property Partners In the US and Abroad

We partner and work with other agents and law firms. There are several we have in high regard, who are highly professional and experienced. When needed, we'll be happy to introduce them to you.

For patent applications abroad we partner with local law firms. We have associates in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Europe, Canada, and Australia.


Andy Grouwstra, USPTO Patent Agent